Thanksgiving is a celebration. It is a time for family and friends and, traditionally, a time for favorite food dishes. However, the menu prepared for the holiday season doesn't have to be the same formula every year, and the dishes don't necessarily have to consist solely of high calories and unhealthy indulgences. Thanksgiving dishes can be both healthy and delicious, and the team at Tom's Ford is here with some modern twists on classic favorites.


Looking for something that is easy to make and always a healthy choice? Salads are a perfect companion to a Thanksgiving feast. Add a variety of fruits and vegetables, anything from carrots and broccoli to apples and avocados. Use spinach instead of lettuce, because it is loaded with important nutrients. Finally, substitute those high-calorie dressings for lighter choices or vinaigrettes.


Green bean casserole is a wonderful side dish that, with the right substitutions, can also be healthy. The main ingredients in the casserole—cream of mushroom soup, milk, and fried onions—are high in sodium and fat. Instead, try looking for a can of soup that explicitly states that it is low-sodium and reduced fat. Alternatively, create your own sauce from scratch. Also, try using regular onions as a substitute for fried onions, and add more vegetables to the casserole to make it filling without making it fattening.

Another dish that simply cannot be missing from any Thanksgiving menu is mashed potatoes. This dish is easy to prepare, and it's even easier to create healthy recipes. For example, cut back on the amount of butter used in preparation, and try healthier milk options like skim milk. Simply substituting fattening ingredients or lowering the amount used can significantly improve the nutritional quality of these recipes.

Finally, although it may be fast and easy to simply purchase a box of macaroni and cheese from the store (Kraft is extremely popular), homecooked recipes allow healthier and tastier results. They also allow greater variety in the kind of ingredients you can experiment with. Try these recipes if you're looking for something quick and healthy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Preparing a homecooked Thanksgiving dinner can be a very rewarding experience. It is a great opportunity to bond with family, and what better way to bond than over delicious and healthy food? Try these recipes for your next Thanksgiving menu.